Drama and Theatre Study Tour: London, Athens, Verona and Venice

Creative and Performing Arts East Coast

14-day itinerary designed for drama students, visiting London (4 nights), Athens (3 nights), Verona (2 nights) and Venice (2 nights)

This itinerary links with the learning outcomes in the current HSC syllabus for Drama

Tour Overview and Highlights

Academy Travel is delighted to present an outstanding opportunity
for Stage 5 and 6 Drama students to experience the best of drama
performances and workshops in London, Athens and Paris.

This 14-day program is designed to enhance students’
understanding of key areas related to Drama studies, ranging from
ancient drama to cutting-edge performance. This is a preparatory
program for the senior study of Drama. It aims to extend
performance skills and allow students to experience performances
and practitioners that offer insights into studying senior drama. It
also allows for concentrated analysis of the students’ experiences
whilst on tour with expert guides and teachers, including log
book/journal activities, discussions and reviews. This is a unique
opportunity for drama students that will enhance their learning to
another level.

The itinerary includes expert workshops that focus on the
performance and critical study of different dramatic forms.
Students will also attend a range of live theatrical experiences and
will participate in analysis and discussions following the
The tour is open to students and their teachers of all schools
around Australia. The tour will be led by an experienced Tour
Manager and Drama teaching experts.

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