The Musical Heart of Europe: From Budapest to Prague

15-day itinerary designed for the students of your school, visiting Budapest (3 nights), Prague (3 nights), Linz (2 nights), Vienna (3 nights)

This itinerary links with learning outcomes in Stages 4, 5 & 6 of NSW Music syllabi

Tour Overview and Highlights

    • Participate in a workshop at the Liszt Academy.
    • Attend a private recital in the Abbey St Florian.
    • Perform in the famous Linz Cathedral.
    • Attend a concert in the Dvorak Hall.
    • Visit the Bartok Museum, Czech Museum of Music and the House of Music in Vienna.
    • Attend a concert in the Budapest Opera House.
    • Experience an evening of traditional Czech Music.
    • Cycle beside the Danube and visit Delvin Castle.
    • Perform in St Vitus Cathedral, Prague.
    • Backstage tour of the Vienna Opera House and the Rudolfinium, Prague.
This suggested itinerary can be tailored to suit your individual school requirements and teaching program.

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