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What do you provide in terms of risk management? 2018-03-20T01:12:54+00:00

We understand that the completion of risk management requirements can be stressful and time-consuming, so we assist with documentation wherever possible. We provide – tailored for your school – a comprehensive Risk Management Matrix, Breakdown of Costs, Hotel Descriptions and detailed itinerary. We also register all tour participants with DFAT. We will also work with teachers to provide any other requested documents where possible.

What do you do if DFAT changes a travel warning? 2018-05-23T23:57:25+00:00

Academy Travel closely monitors travel advice provided by the Australian Government.

Should the level of warning for an entire proposed destination country be changed to one of the two highest levels (‘Reconsider your need to travel’ or ‘Do not travel’) Academy Travel will, on the request of the school, cancel all arrangements and refund all monies paid by the school or participants.

Should the level of warning for specific region or city on the itinerary for the tour be changed to one of the two highest levels (‘Reconsider your need to travel’ or ‘Do not travel’) Academy Travel will, on the request of the school, modify the itinerary to avoid visiting these places at no cost to the school or to tour participants.

What happens if there is a security incident during the tour? 2018-07-17T01:50:33+00:00

The first action is for all travellers to follow the advice of local authorities. The Academy Travel tour manager will then liaise with our Rome office, our Sydney office, teachers on tour and the school to determine the best and safest course of action. If an incident occurs prior to the group arriving in a specific city/site, the tour itinerary will be adjusted accordingly in conjunction with the school, teachers and our Rome office.

What if we have our own school insurance? 2018-03-19T05:53:55+00:00

If your school has its own travel insurance policy for travelling students and teachers, we will deduct the cost of insurance from the tour price and leave the insurance in the school’s hands.

What kind of travel insurance is included? 2018-03-19T05:53:22+00:00

Academy Travel issues comprehensive travel insurance policies offered by Suresave. Further information regarding this policy can be found at suresave.com/pds.

What type of local guides do you use? 2018-05-23T23:57:02+00:00

Academy Travel has links with academic experts to provide content to groups on tour through site visits or lectures. Availability of specific experts can be requested by schools, however only confirmed 4-6 weeks prior to departure dependent on availability.

Each site visit will include a local guide or academic expert to provide content. Orientation walks will be provided by the tour manager.

Can I accrue professional development hours while travelling on a school tour? 2018-07-17T01:55:41+00:00

Although Academy Travel is endorsed to provide NESA Registered Professional Development for teachers accredited at Proficient Teacher level, teachers are not able to accrue NESA Registered PD hours when travelling as an accompanying teacher on a school tour. However, you may be able to accrue Teacher (self) identified PD hours for activities (such as museum visits and guided tours) undertaken on the tour. If you are interested in PD, we suggest you look at our specific PD tours, which generally accrue between 30-45 hours of NESA registered PD.

Learn more about our range of teacher PD tours here.

What benefits do students gain on an overseas study tour? 2019-11-12T02:12:04+00:00

We work with teachers on a one-on-one basis to design a study tour that links directly to the key learning outcomes of the relevant syllabus areas. This ensures a program with a solid academic base designed to enhance a student’s understanding of and passion for certain subject areas. As a result, they may improve their learning in the classroom. On a more general level, students can become more independent and improve their social skills and confidence. They can learn about being global citizens and open their eyes to more than just their corner of the world. For many, it sparks a lifelong interest in travel and other cultures.

What is the role of the teacher on tour? 2018-05-23T23:56:39+00:00

Teachers are primarily responsible for the pastoral care of their students, behavioural issues on tour, ensuring any school guidelines for overseas excursions are met and providing input to the academic content of the tour (where applicable). The main organising teacher will also liaise closely with the tour manager to ensure that the tour runs smoothly.

What type of tour managers do you use? 2018-03-19T05:51:09+00:00

We work with a variety of tour managers, and seek to match the needs of each particular group with the different skills of our tour managers. We use professional European-based tour managers, former and current History, Drama and Visual Arts teachers, and Australian-based, experienced tour managers.

What is the role of the tour manager on an Academy Travel tour? 2018-03-19T05:50:21+00:00

An experienced tour manager will be with the group from arrival in Europe to departure. It is their role to manage the logistics of the tour – ensuring that the tour runs smoothly, that all services are delivered as promised and to deal with any emergencies or re-scheduling that occurs on tour. The tour manger will also work closely with teachers to meet the pastoral care and behavioural expectations of the school, but the organising teachers retain the main responsibility for these areas.

Who looks after passports? 2019-11-12T02:25:21+00:00

This is a decision by the organising teachers and usually there are two schools of thought. Some teachers choose to collect and look after all passports on arrival in the destination and only distribute when necessary. These teachers would rather take on this responsibility than have the worry about replacing a lost passport. The other thought is that these tours are also supposed to assist these young adults into being more independent and looking after their own passports is part of that process.

What happens if a student cancels? 2018-03-19T05:49:45+00:00

According to our Booking Terms and Conditions, if a student cancels more than 60 days before a tour departs, they will forfeit their $500 deposit and any other instalment payments that may have been made are refunded. The following penalties apply for cancellations made within 60 days of departure:

60-45 days before tour start 20% of total amount due
44-15 days before tour start 75% of total amount due
14 days or less before departure 100% of total amount due

Depending on the reason for the cancellation, the student may be eligible to submit a travel insurance claim and Academy Travel will provide any necessary documentation to support this process.

When is final payment due? 2018-03-19T05:49:09+00:00

Final payment is due 70 days before the departure date of a tour.

Who manages the payments for the tour? 2018-05-23T23:54:28+00:00

Deposits will be collected and held at the school until minimum numbers are reached. The school may then elect to have deposits paid into a school account or paid to Academy Travel. Schools may then elect to have all further payments made by participants direct to Academy Travel or to a school account. However, once a preferred method has been decided, we request that all payments must be made in a uniform way.

What happens at a pre-departure meeting? 2018-03-19T05:46:34+00:00
Around 4-5 weeks prior to the tour’s departure, an Academy Travel representative will visit your school to conduct a pre-departure meeting. Generally, this event is attended by all travellers and parents/guardians. At this meeting, travel documents are distributed to all participants along with itinerary booklets and a comprehensive pre-departure booklet which provides information about preparing for the trip. The Academy Travel representative is then also able to answer any questions that travellers/parents may have. Many schools also use this meeting as an opportunity to speak to students/parents about behavioural expectations, medical and safety issues etc and often distribute school-based material.
What happens at an airport departure? 2018-05-23T23:53:10+00:00

On the day of departure, we advise all tour participants to meet at the departure airport at least 3 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time. An Academy Travel representative is also in attendance to assist with the check-in process. Travellers are reminded about restrictions in what can be taken in carry-on baggage, and are helped with any questions they may have. The Academy Travel representative then assists the group move together to the Customs and screening area.

What airlines do you use? 2018-03-19T05:35:13+00:00

Airlines are selected based on scheduling, fares and safety. Our preferred international airlines include Etihad Airways, Emirates, Qantas, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific. International flights are released 11 months prior to departure, so it is not always possible to confirm your international flights when your tour is booked in. For flights within Europe or the USA we use respected low-cost and local airlines.

What type of transport is included? 2018-05-23T23:52:39+00:00

The majority of transportation included is by private coach, including airport transfers and inter-city travel. Academy Travel selects local European coach companies with good safety records and well maintained vehicles. The drivers meet local licensing requirements and adhere to European Commission Regulation 561/2006 which outlines driving times and rest periods.

We tend to avoid the use of long distance trains in order to minimise risk and maximise time in each destination. The cost differentiation is minimal given the availability of low cost airfares.

Often in cities the public transport system is an efficient means of moving the group around. The tour manager will provide tickets for any public transport required and ensure the safe and efficient movement of the group on and off transport.

What hotels do you use? 2018-03-19T05:36:28+00:00

Hotels range from Superior 2* to 4*. Our main priorities when choosing hotels are safety, location and functionality. All hotel rooms have ensuite bathrooms (no shared facilities). Hotels are inspected by Academy Travel staff or our ground operators.

How many students are accommodated in each hotel room? 2018-03-19T05:37:02+00:00

Students are accommodated in twin, triple or quad rooms with single beds, according to the composition of the group and the available rooms at hotels. Teachers/adults will be accommodated in twin rooms unless specified or requested.

Who decides on student rooming allocations? 2018-03-19T05:37:26+00:00

Rooming is decided by the organising teachers and may change from hotel to hotel according to the composition of the available rooms. Where possible, properties will allocate rooms for the group in close proximity, however this cannot be guaranteed.

What type of meals are included? 2018-03-19T05:37:50+00:00

Generally, all breakfasts and dinners are included. Breakfasts are served in hotels or local cafes, while included evening meals are taken in the hotel or local restaurants. Soft drinks (1 per person) and water are included with the evening meal.

Can dietary requirements be catered for? 2018-03-19T05:39:05+00:00

Definitely! We have lots of experience dealing with students who are vegetarians, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free etc. Any special dietary requirements must be advised at time of booking to ensure they are catered for on flights and throughout the tour.

If we have students travelling on non-Australian passports, can you assist with visas? 2018-05-23T23:51:37+00:00

We will provide the documentation and information necessary for Visa applications, and will also assist with providing a timeline and reminders to affected students and their families. However, Visa applications for students aged under 18 must be made by the parents/guardians of the student (and generally a consular appointment/interview is also required), so the ultimate responsibility for the acquisition of the Visa remains with the parents/guardians.

Can tour participants travel on different flights to the group? 2018-05-23T23:52:08+00:00

With the school’s explicit written permission, participants may undertake additional travel before or after a tour. Separate booking, deposit and payment conditions will apply to additional travel and will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Any changes to the group flights will cost the individual a change fee of $150.00 plus any additional airport taxes.

Can we add additional participants to the tour after it has been confirmed? 2018-03-19T05:41:23+00:00

Wherever possible, we are happy to welcome additional participants on the tour. Final confirmation of an additional participant’s position on the tour will depend on flight and accommodation availability, but we will endeavour to facilitate additions up until final documentation is issued.

What are the minimum/maximum numbers required to operate a tour? 2018-05-28T04:26:52+00:00

We generally require a minimum of 20 paying participants on a tour. Any less and the tour price becomes quite high and group discounts no longer apply.

While we have taken group sizes of up to 80 participants before, we recommend keeping the group to one coach which is usually 50 people (inclusive of teachers and tour manager).


How much will the tour cost? 2018-03-19T05:25:50+00:00

As all of our tours are fully customised, so you will need to request a quote in order to have a cost. The price will depend on the itinerary, inclusions, number of paying participants, number of funded teacher places and other factors.

How many teachers should go on the tour? 2018-03-19T05:26:33+00:00

Your school will have a required ratio for overseas excursions. The standard ratio is usually 1 teacher for every 8-10 students.

What is and isn’t included in the tour cost? 2019-11-12T02:21:04+00:00

Generally, our standard tour costing includes everything except lunch each day and spending money. We can add or remove any travel services on request.

Can parents or other family/school community members join the tour? 2018-03-19T05:27:16+00:00

It is a school decision about whether parents and/or school community members will be invited to join the tour. If your school needs to obtain permission from an external body (eg DET) for the tour to proceed, it is advisable to check with them about any restrictions concerning adding non-students to the tour.

Is there an age limit for your tours? 2019-11-12T02:14:52+00:00

This is your tour and as the teachers are responsible for the care and behavior of the participants on the tour, it is completely a school decision as to who is invited along. Most schools will tend to stick to the senior years, especially if the program is particularly academic and linked to the senior syllabus. So for us, there is no age limit. You design the tour and who you allow to travel with the group.

How far in advance should I start my tour planning? 2018-03-19T05:27:59+00:00

We recommend beginning to plan your tour 12-18 months prior to your planned departure. However, some schools prefer to plan tours up to 2 years prior to travel.

How much can I customise my tour? 2018-03-19T05:28:23+00:00

All of our tours are fully bespoke. Most schools we work with vary existing itineraries in order to meet their specific requirements. Some examples of variations include:

  • Visiting specific battlefields and memorials on the Western Front with which the school community has a connection.
  • Adding extra nights in key locations which are studied in depth in school programs (e.g. The City of Rome in Ancient History, Paris or London as a World City).
  • Adding extra nights in key locations to broaden the subject area coverage or for reasons of faith (e.g. attend mass in Rome, visit a branch of the school’s religious order).
  • Extend an itinerary to broaden the appeal of the tour (e.g. visiting the ‘art cities’ of northern Italy after undertaking an ancient history tour).
  • Visiting ‘sister schools’ with which the school has an established relationship.
  • Undertaking community service activities.
Can you offer tours to destinations not listed on your website? 2018-05-23T23:50:54+00:00

Absolutely! With our network of contacts around the world and years of experience designing educational tours, we can take you just about anywhere.

Should there be “free time” on a tour? 2018-07-17T01:49:45+00:00

Generally we recommend that most of the available time on student tours is fairly tightly programmed as our tours focus on academic content and experience. However, we recognise that everyone needs some downtime on tour and that academic content needs to be balanced with some “lighter” activities. Most of our tour itineraries therefore incorporate a limited time (1-2 hours) on most days when students can either rest at the hotel or enjoy some shopping or free exploration in a designated, safe area. However, it is ultimately the school’s decision as to how much non-programmed time is included.

What happens at an information evening? 2018-05-23T23:50:17+00:00

Once you have established that there are a reasonable number of students/others seriously interested in the tour (20+ people), we recommend holding an information evening. An Academy Travel representative will visit your school to conduct the meeting, using a PowerPoint presentation to outline the tour’s proposed itinerary, provide an overview of travel logistics including accommodation, meals, weather etc and give a comprehensive summary of the tour’s inclusions. Generally, booking forms are distributed at the evening and a return date for their return to the school is set and communicated.

Can we use our own booking forms? 2019-11-12T02:18:30+00:00

We understand that schools may have their own paperwork to complete and procedures to follow to screen and approve students wanting to travel on tours. We can certainly work with any internal school process, but we do require that all tour participants (students and teachers) complete an Academy Travel booking form. This is important as it allows participants to agree to our booking terms and conditions and provides us with the essential information we require to service each tour participant. We provide these booking forms at the information session and ask that the school collects and collates these before forwarding on to Academy Travel.

Will the tour price change? 2018-05-23T23:48:14+00:00

If the number of participants in a tour is significantly less than budgeted, or if there is a significant change in exchange rates, Academy Travel reserves the right to amend the advertised price. If this occurs you will be given the option of cancelling your booking and obtaining a full refund. If an Academy Travel tour is forced to cancel you will get a full refund of all monies paid. Unlike other tour companies, we do not increase the price at the time of final invoice.

Will the itinerary or airline change? 2018-03-19T05:32:20+00:00

Occasionally circumstances beyond the control of Academy Travel make it necessary to change airline, hotel or to make slight amendments to daily itineraries. We will inform you of any changes as soon as they occur.

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“This tour far exceeded my expectations and I have been so impressed with the quality of service provided by Academy both before the tour and while we were away. Nothing was ever a problem or a drama and Academy made it so easy for me as a teacher. Thank you SO much for everything. It was a truly wonderful experience."

“We were all very impressed with every aspect of the tour. We have used Academy Travel since 2006. In that time, I have been on four of the tours and it gets better every time.”

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“The tour was amazingly well-organised and our compliments to Academy could not be higher. All staff and students thoroughly enjoyed themselves.”

“An excellent trip that was great value. Parents and boys were effusive in their praise.”

“Academy Travel gave us unprecedented levels of support. The tour was excellent and the students were supplied with everything they needed throughout the trip. They were given an unforgettable experience due to the care and professionalism shown by all Academy Travel staff. We will definitely be working with the company in the future.”

“As usual, brilliant support and organization from start to finish. All the worry and planning looked after for me. Everyone on our tour was completely satisfied and gained an invaluable experience."

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