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Our job is to make your travel as well-planned and enjoyable as possible. Our team of product managers and travel consultants are dedicated to providing our teachers with personalised and timely communication and service.

School Team

Lex Duff

Team Leader and Product Manager

Lex is the team leader and product manager for our school and university tours. Lex has a double degree in Law and International Studies, majoring in Italian Language and European Culture. She has on-the-ground experience with a number of major coach tour companies, is multi-lingual and lived in the UK and Europe. Lex has travelled to over 50 countries, with favourites like Swaziland, Italy, Spain, Iceland and Turkey.

Natalie Levy

Business Development and Product Manager

Natalie is a product manager for our school tours, co-ordinates sales and marketing activities and oversees the teacher professional development program. She is a qualified teacher with degrees in Business and Education and speaks Italian. Natalie has been leading tours throughout Europe since 2005 and has travelled as a tour manager with many of our school and teacher groups.

James Tindale

Product Manager

James is a product manager and retail consultant working with our school and university tours. He holds a Bachelor degree in tourism and has over 15 years experience in the tourism industry. James has travelled extensively around the globe and has worked as a guide in Europe, Central America and Australia.

Royna McNamara

Musician / Educator / Product Manager - Music

Royna is highly regarded in the field of Music Education and she has been a Director of Music in secondary schools for over 30 years. She joins our team as the specialist on Music study tours, combining her passion for education and music with developing programs for schools and teacher professional development tours.

Caitlin Hoey

Retail Consultant

Caitlin is a retail consultant who looks after clients booked on our school tours. Caitlin comes from a retail travel background, managing an agency in a busy shopping centre. She has travelled extensively across Europe, Asia and South America and has a degree in English, Text and Writing.

Cassandra Kean

Retail Consultant

Cassandra is our retail consultant who looks after clients booked on our school tours. She has over 10 years’ experience in the travel and hotel industry, both in Australia and overseas. Travel is her passion, and she has had many adventures travelling through Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Leanne Meoli

Retail Consultant

Leanne a retail consultant who looks after clients booked on our school tours. Leanne has travelled extensively throughout Europe, the United States, and Asia and has over 10 years’ experience in the travel industry, beginning as a Qantas flight attendant.

Company Directors

Stuart Barrie


Stuart has 25 years' experience in the travel industry and is a director of Academy Travel. Stuart’s great passion is 20th century history and his detailed knowledge covers both European and American history. He regularly leads tours to Germany and the United States for Academy Travel.

Robert Veel

Director, Creative Director

Robert has 20 years' experience designing and leading educational travel programs and is a director of Academy Travel. He has designed and led many tours to Italy, Turkey and the United States, as well as travelling to Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, Russia and Canada. Robert's special interest is in Italian medieval and Renaissance history.

Fergus Geddes

Director, Retail Consultant

Fergus has more than 20 years' experience in the travel industry and is a director of Academy Travel. Fergus manages the retail side of our operation, using his extensive knowledge of airlines and fares to ensure our clients have access to the best travel options available. Fergus has many years experience as a tour manager for groups in Europe and Australia.

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