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Our job is to make your travel as well-planned and enjoyable as possible. Our team of product managers and travel consultants are dedicated to providing our teachers with personalised and timely communication and service.

School Team

Chantal Simms

Product Manager

Chantal looks after new inquiries to design customised itineraries for our schools, universities and adult groups. She has worked in varied roles in the travel industry for over 25 years. Chantal has numerous qualifications in travel, tourism and business management and has travelled extensively.

Jackie Colonnelli

Product Manager

Jackie has been working with Academy Travel for over a decade on both school and open age programs. Jackie has a Master’s degree in history and has many years’ experience tour managing in Europe and Japan.

Lynsey Jenkins

Groups Manager

Lynsey provides administration support on all Academy Travel tours. Lynsey comes to us from the UK, where she pursued extensive vocational training in travel and tourism and gained fourteen years’ experience in the industry.

Company Directors

Stuart Barrie


Stuart has 25 years' experience in the travel industry and is a director of Academy Travel. Stuart’s great passion is 20th century history and his detailed knowledge covers both European and American history. He regularly leads tours to Germany and the United States for Academy Travel.

Robert Veel

Director, Creative Director

Robert has 20 years' experience designing and leading educational travel programs and is a director of Academy Travel. He has designed and led many tours to Italy, Turkey and the United States, as well as travelling to Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, Russia and Canada. Robert's special interest is in Italian medieval and Renaissance history.

Fergus Geddes

Director, Retail Consultant

Fergus has more than 20 years' experience in the travel industry and is a director of Academy Travel. Fergus manages the retail side of our operation, using his extensive knowledge of airlines and fares to ensure our clients have access to the best travel options available. Fergus has many years experience as a tour manager for groups in Europe and Australia.

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