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We are proud to work with key associations and an unrivalled team of academic experts who provide
on-site guidance, background talks and advice on planning itineraries.

Ancient History – Dr Estelle Lazer

Dr Estelle Lazer is an archaeologist with an international reputation for her many years of work on Pompeii. Estelle has also worked on archaeological sites in the Middle East, Italy, Cyprus, the UK, Antarctica and Australia. Estelle is an Honorary Research Associate at the University of Sydney. Estelle is currently heading a project to examine the casts of the Pompeian victims for the first time, using digital X-ray and CT scanning technology.

Ancient History – Dr Joanne Berry

Joanne has been working at Pompeii for the past 20 years. She is the author of The Complete Pompeii and founder of Blogging Pompeii. She is currently teaching archaeology and ancient history courses at the University of Swansea.

Ancient History – Dr Jennifer Lawless

Jennifer has a PhD from the University of New England and was the Board of Studies History Inspector for 13 years. She has lectured in History education at Sydney, Macquarie and Western Sydney Universities and has authored/co-authored over a dozen books on History.

Ancient History – Sarah Court

Sarah is the Communications Officer for the Herculaneum Conservation Project. She directly contributed to the creation of the Herculaneum Centre, which promotes integrated and inclusive approaches to conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage. Sarah has a BA (Hons) in Archaeology and an MA in Roman Archaeology.

Ancient History – Christian Biggi

Christian is an experienced archaeologist who was the Manager of the Herculaneum Centre 2007-2014. Following a Masters degree in Professional Archaeology from Oxford University, he has specialised in cultural heritage management and professional experience in a variety of countries.

Ancient History – Agnes Crawford

Agnes has lived in Rome since 2000 and has a Masters Degree from Edinburgh University. She has expert knowledge of ancient, medieval and Renaissance Rome. Agnes provides background talks and on site guiding in Rome.

Ancient History – Gruppo Storico Romano

Structured like a real school, Gruppo Storico Romano provides students with a lecture on the history of gladiators, before they have the opportunity to participate in a practical workshop. The workshop begins with physical preparation, before moving onto training on movements and positions, both in attack and defence.

Modern History – Brad Manera

Battlefield historian Brad Manera is executive director of the Anzac Memorial in Sydney and was previously a curator at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the experience of Australians on the World War I Battlefields in France, Belgium and Turkey, and a great ability to share this knowledge with students enthusiastically.

Modern History – Simon Louagie

Simon is born and based in the Ypres Salient region of Belgium. He is a qualified teacher, member of the Guild of Ypres Guides and Education Manager for the Peace Village. Simon provides personalised visits for our groups heading to the WWI battlefields.

Modern History – Myriam Thompson

Born in Australia, Myriam’s interest in WW1 was awakened when she researched her family history and travelled to France. Being Australian and now living just near the Somme, Myriam has a deep connection and compassion for these brave young Australians who served in France so far from home.

Modern History – Peter Smith

Peter is a former British marine who has lived in the Somme since 2004. He is a member of the British Commission for Military History, Guild of Battlefield Guides, Western Front Association and a Friend of the Australian War Memorial. He is a knowledgeable and respected specialist guide on the Western Front in France and Belgium.

Modern History – Jonathon Dallimore

Jonathon is currently working as a Professional Officer for the History Teachers’ Association of New South Wales and eaches History methods as UNSW (Kensington) and tutors at the University of Wollongong. Jonathon is also the author of several HSC Modern History texts and a contributing author to the HTA NSW Modern History Study Guide (2019).

Modern History – Brad Kelly

Brad teaches, writes and leads tours in the area of Modern History, with a focus on the Cold War and Changing World Order. He is a teacher with over 15 years of experience in the classroom and an author of six modern history textbooks. Brad is the director of Cornerstone Teacher Learning, facilitating workshops for teachers around NSW.

Modern History – Dr Matthew Laing

Dr Matthew Laing is a historian and political scientist with a strong personal interest in architecture, cultural history and modern art, with a particular expertise in the United States. Matthew holds a BA and PhD from the Australian National University, and wrote his doctorate on the history of the United States presidency. He currently teaches United States history and leadership, and has published on both topics.

Modern History – Dr Paul Kiem

Paul is the Professional Officer for the History Teachers’ Association of NSW. He taught history for 30 years and is now the author of a number of texts and presents regularly to teacher and student groups.

Modern History – Kenan Çelik, OAM

Kenan works with groups on the Gallipoli Peninsula. He studied at Oregon State University under a Fulbright scholarship. Since retiring as a university lecturer at a Turkish university he has acted as a specialist guide for VIP groups to Gallipoli, including several heads of state. In 2000 Kenan was awarded the Order of Australia for services to Australian history.

Modern History – Dr Matthew Dal Santo

Matthew is a historian and free-lance writer with Honours degrees from both Sydney and Cambridge Universities. He was a Fellow in History at Trinity College where he received his PhD and won the Sydney University Medal in modern French literature. Matthew speaks French, Italian, Danish, German and Russian.

Modern and Art History – Thomas Abbott

Thomas has lived in Germany since 1988 and holds a degree in art history, specialising in the architecture of Berlin, the art of 18th-Century Germany and the Bauhaus. He provides guided tours for our groups visiting Berlin.

Medieval and Art History – Dr Kathleen Olive

Kathleen has a Ph.D from the University of Sydney in Italian Renaissance studies. She works regularly with Academy travels open-age groups on art and history related tours in Italy and Spain. She works with school groups examining medieval and Renaissance Europe.

Medieval and Art History – Freya Middleton

Freya lives in Florence and has a first class honours degree in Fine Arts from the University of Sydney. She is a qualified local guide and as an Australian has a clear understanding of the background knowledge and needs of our students. Freya brings alive the wonderful medieval and Renaissance art history of Florence.

Medieval and Art History – Dr Nick Gordon

Nick has a University Medal and PhD in European history and has led tours to Europe for Academy travel since 2007. His knowledge of and interest in art comes from his research and his practice as a painter.

English Literature – Yvette Poshoglian

Yvette is an experienced English teacher and recently ran the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge for the NSW Department of Education. She is a regular guest at literary and writers’ festivals and facilitates workshops for students and professional development for teachers in creative writing and storytelling.

Music – Royna McNamara

An expert in the field of Music Education, Royna has been a Director of Music in secondary schools for over 30 years. Royna holds a B Mus Ed from the Conservatorium of Music and a Masters of Education from the University of Sydney. Her musical expertise continues to be used by NESA, the University of Sydney and the AIS NSW. Royna creates customised tour programs for all music ensembles.

Creative Arts – Katie Waud

Katie is an accomplished teacher of Technology and Applied Studies specialising in Textiles and Design having taught for the past 12 years. She is currently the Director of Creative Arts at Wenona School and HSC marker. She has a Bachelor of Education Major in Design from University of Sydney and Masters of Art and Design Education at UNSW – College of Fine Arts.

Visual Art – Craig Malyon

Craig is a passionate Visual Arts teacher and writer, currently teaching at International Grammar School. He has a Masters of Art and Design Education, College of Fine Arts and has been awarded a number of scholarships. Craig has written a number of resources for Visual Arts teachers and contributes to art magazines.

Drama – Jane Simmons

Jane Simmons is an experienced teacher, marker, coordinator and drama administrator with an extensive portfolio of leading camps, festivals, performances & ensembles.  She has been performing short and long form improvisation for over 20 years in Sydney and internationally and has trained with Improvisation Guru Keith Johnstone and Chicago IO teachers Bill Arnett & Lyndsay Hailey.

Performing Arts – Broadway Classroom

Broadway Class Workshops provide students with a unique opportunity to spend the day like a Broadway performer. During the workshop, professional performers and teaching artists will introduce the students to the specific acting and dance techniques being used in a current Broadway show. That evening, the students have the opportunity to attend the show they have been studying during the day.

Drama – Complicite

Complicite is a British theatre company heavily influenced by Jacques Lecoq and its work is fundamental to the HSC Drama topic areas of Approaches to Acting and Multi-Discipline Theatre as well as ensemble skills and the using the elements of drama in performance. Groups travelling to London have the chance to participate in one of their educational workshops.

Drama – Graeae Theatre Company

Based in London, Graeae is a force for change in world-class theatre, breaking down barriers, challenging preconceptions and boldly placing artists with a disability in centre stage.

Drama – Shakespeare’s Globe

Located on the banks of the Thames, Shakespeare’s Globe runs workshops for students and teachers that explore Shakespeare’s work with an emphasis on the physical playhouse for which he wrote. Teachers are able to select a text around which the workshop will be based.

Drama – Cardboard Citizens

Cardboard Citizens is a Forum Theatre company pioneering the use of participatory arts and theatre in particular with homeless people, proving that theatre can be a uniquely powerful tool for engaging in a process of change.

Drama – Stella Adler Studio of Acting

Stella Adler Studio of Acting is a world-renowned acting school in New York. Students have the opportunity to participate in half, full, or multi-day workshops, concentrating on a number of different acting techniques.

Drama – École Internationale De Théâtre Jacques Lecoq

Founded in 1956 by Jacques Lecoq, the school offers workshops for students and teachers of drama that emphasise the body, movement and space as entry point in theatrical performance and prepares its students to create collaboratively.

Dance – Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation

Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation is an internationally acclaimed dance theatre and school in New York. As well as attending tailored workshops, students also have the opportunity to observe professional dance classes.

Dance – EDGE Performing Arts Center

EDGE is located in the heart of historic Hollywood, California. Train and take advantage of the who’s who list of industry choreographers, teachers and professionals provide workshops for private groups across a range of dance styles and experience levels.

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